About us

Capable has been a family business since it’s beginning in 2007. Sabrina Wiley Cape, Capable’s owner, has 30 years of operational management experience in the fields of logistics, government contracts, accounting and auditing. Capable was founded to the meet the constantly growing service-oriented demands of shippers and receivers throughout the country. Steve Cape, the company’s CEO, has 30 years of logistical experience and is a Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) through the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). The combined experience and training of Steve and Sabrina make for a great team both for Capable and in their marriage of over 30 years.


Capable’s staff has over 100 years of logistical experience to guide our customers and partners through their transportation needs. Our service is one you can trust with experience of hauling many high value loads and monitoring them throughout the delivery process.


Capable is constantly evolving our approach to ensure that we fulfill our commitment to our customers of being a quality logistics company. We believe that our customers are what make Capable leaders in transportation and logistics solutions. That’s why we continue to adopt innovate technology and ensure long-lasting relationship develops naturally by assigning customers their own dedicated team leader to meet their logistical needs.

Sabrina Cape, Owner; Steve Cape, CEO